Evolution (A Brand New Day)

Evolution (A Brand New Day)

On a quest for a new solution
Ain’t exactly a revolution
More a philosophical evolution
There is no them against us
We all ride the same blue bus
So set aside all that fuss
Let’s just love one another
Share our light with our brother
Take care of the Mother
Let’s start a brand new day

If we give a little reflection
We’ll see our grand connection
Make a move in the right direction
Let’s clean this home we all share
Put an end to the wear and tear
Treat her right, she’ll treat us fair
Then plant a seed in our minds
A simple focus on being kind
Watch our troubles all unwind
Let’s start a brand new day

Goodbye, Ol’ Friend

When I tell people I’m going back home to see my family and they ask me where home is, I always say, “The Georgia mountains.” And they always have a similar response, “That’s God’s country.”

In a way, it is. Yeah, sure, most people may say that about their hometowns. But the Georgia mountains are uniquely beautiful, in my humble opinion.

Growing up there I developed a deep appreciation for nature, the weather, everything earthly. People there are very connected to the earth. They plant gardens in the summer and raise their own chickens. They eat what they grow. You bush hog your fields in the fall. There’s apple-picking season in October and blackberry winter in the early spring. You make jams and jellies and can your own vegetables. It’s how life is there.

It’s that experience, the connection to the earth you develop living in a place like that, that worries me so about our current climate policies. The entire attitude toward climate change really. It’s troubling for me.

I spent almost my entire childhood in the woods, watching animals live their lives, trying to figure out if something was an oak or hickory tree, playing in creeks on hot summer days. I gathered nuts and piled them up for squirrels because I thought they needed help. That part of my childhood, I wouldn’t change for the world.

But I also saw the effects logging can have on the environment. It happened around our place for a while. It stopped eventually, but it wasn’t good. Just red clay everywhere – nothing green. And I could (and still can actually) feel the house shake when they mined for the marble on the other side of the mountain, putting God knows what in the water table.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I keep seeing trees falling over for no apparent reason other than a light wind or drizzle of rain. Giant, old trees that should have deep roots. But they can’t withstand anything any more.

Or someone cuts a tree out of their yard, and you notice as it’s coming down that it’s completely hollow on the inside. It’s just a shell of a tree. What’s causing all the trees to hollow out? I have no idea. But I’ve seen far too many of them like that to know it’s not just a fluke.

Bees are dying out everywhere, and if you eat as much honey as I do, you know how upsetting that is. I’ve been told squirrels are disappearing back home. Insects are out of control where I grew up because it never gets cold enough in the winter to kill them off like it used to. That was the purpose of cold winter days for us — to control the insect population — naturally, without chemicals. But we stayed near 70 this entire winter.

Our planet is changing, and it’s doing so quickly. I’m afraid the world I knew. The one I loved and still love. The woods that gave me peace and sanctuary as a child. I’m afraid that will go away in my lifetime. I don’t want to lose that.

The truth is that we can’t lose that. Without that, there’s no us. There’s no air. There’s no food. Just nothing. I hope people recognize that. And I hope they do so before it’s too late.

Here’s a little poem or maybe a walking meditation to the world outside that I cherish with all my heart.


Goodbye, Ol’ Friend

i went to see
my ol’ friend
late in the
i wanted to stay
’til dark
i needed to see
enjoy his company
one last time
fearing he might
leave soon

my ol’ friend
the woods i grew
up in
sometimes he was
my only friend
my playmate
as a child

the sun was
still up
I strolled at a
slow pace
like a late-night

trees in every

leaves covered
acorns dropped
from above
the sun danced
upon the ground

i scared some
birds hidden
in the bush

they flew off
in different

squirrels chased
each other across
the branches
the wind rustled
the leaves
a dragonfly
circled my head

there it was
behind a log
the old tree i
used to play in
four huge trunks
joined together
the perfect hiding

i crawled in the

just like i used to
plenty of room
between the
you could see the
entire forest
but it couldn’t see
above you
you had your own
of sky
a striped lizard
with a tail bluer
than the
ran up the trunk
beside me

i stroked the
like it was my pet
in a way
it was

dusk rolled in
shadows grew
crickets sang
their tune
fireflies floated
between the trees

the evening star
in the

ah, look at that
a deer up
she looked me
directly in the eye
my ol’ friend
never disappointed
always gave me
a special gift
every time

i made my way
back to the edge
of the woods
i always hated
i stepped into
the field
the place where
i entered the
i turned back
for one last

goodbye, ol’ friend
in case i don’t
see you again

The Karma of Politics

If you’ve ever seen karma play itself out in real time, you know sometimes it’s best to just stand back and watch it happen. That’s what I’ve been doing with this blog. I’ve been quiet on here lately, because I believe that karma is playing out as we speak in terms of our nation’s leadership.

Trump, in my opinion, is dealing with some very heavy karma right now. Whether he believes all of the hate that comes out of his mouth (or should I say from his fingertips) or not, I do not know. Maybe he just says whatever is necessary to get elected and then to keep his base fired up. I’m not sure.

Either way, he’s in the mix of some payback right now. And when people are experiencing karmic payback, it can get ugly. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people who will do whatever it takes to climb the corporate ladder slide right back down to the bottom. It happened at my first real job out of college. I was passed over several times (as was another woman on our staff) because the person in charge “wanted a man in that role.” Those were his exact words to the other woman on staff. I went on to get a higher role at another company and, meanwhile, he was demoted twice and eventually let go from the company.

You don’t necessarily take pleasure in seeing the karmic payback, and sometimes, perhaps, it causes some damage in the process. It is nice, however, to know that taking the higher road is a better path. Most of us know that. Others learn it the hard way.

Trump has divided this country. Now given, it was divided prior to his election, but he used that division as a resource for more power rather than a motivation to make a change. And, like I said, I’m not sure where he stands on the various issues. To be honest, I don’t think he cares one way or the other about any of it except for helping Corporate America make more money with less restrictions. I honestly believe that is the only issue he cares about and that’s why his family is running the country instead of him.

But he has not taken the high road at any given point in time. He has been on the low road from day 1. And now, it is starting to show. Of course, I’m not sure how much of it is a show for publicity’s sake because beyond helping the rich get richer, I believe that the only other thing Trump cares about is fame.

I feel sorry for his base. I truly do. For whatever reason (and I cannot understand it for the life of me), they believe every word he says. Now some of that is the social media bubble manipulation tactic, where, by the way, he has started his own news outlet. Yes, he has a Facebook news series to further expand his idiocy. I’m not linking to it here because I just don’t want to promote it.

But his base are the ones he’s actually targeting, and not in a positive way, with all of his efforts. And they don’t see it. They just don’t see it. And if you try to show them anything, they will have nothing of it. I believe most of his base is innocent. They’ve been manipulated. But, if they continue to follow someone on the low road and they don’t try to look at the world from their own perspective vs. the one that is being fed to them, then karma may be coming their way just the same. Ignorance is no excuse even when it comes to karma.

We Ain’t No Archipelago

Why did I start this blog? It started with my dad’s passing in September, and then the election kicked off this whole game for me. My dad – well actually both my parents, but my dad in particular – was all about politics. Where most families sat around talking about their day at work, we talked about the “taboo” subjects: politics, religion and death. It’s all we talked about. I liked to think of us as the poor man’s Kennedy’s but a little more morbid with the whole death thing.

So, as part of my quest to find myself, I got online and started sharing my opinion on different political issues after the election since it had always been part of my life. On a personal level, I had never been overly involved in social media in the past. I knew that posting on Facebook and tweeting wasn’t much, but it was a start. And, hey, our president runs the country by tweeting so it’s worth something, right?

But, I couldn’t get my voice out there. To be clear, I’m on the left – the whole globalization, free trade, open immigration, equal rights, socialized medicine side of things. When I started posting online, however, I was hounded by the other side despite the fact that I consciously made an effort to try and speak to that side. I purposely approached the discussion from the human perspective rather than the political point of view because I knew open discussion wouldn’t happen otherwise.

See, I grew up where the other side lives. I have family and friends on the other side. Despite what social media would have me believe, I know they aren’t bad people. I also know they will go out of their way to help others, and they all care for the types of people who may be feeling a alienated by the current administration. I know this to be a fact.

When I was repeatedly bombarded with aggressive comments by someone I had known since high school (even after I had asked the person to stop and apologized if I had offended him), I knew something wasn’t right. Social media wasn’t helping our current situation. Everyone was trapped in a bubble.

I didn’t want to be in the bubble. So, I got out. I started a blog … or two. I realized social media wasn’t the solution I was seeking.

Now, politics are politics. You have to pick a side. And yes, they impact every aspect of our lives. And yes, you should feel passionately about them. If anything positive has come out of the presidential election it is that there is more of an interest in our nation’s politics.

Now, I lean to the left for one simple reason. The left is about “us.” It’s about “we.” It’s about brotherhood and caring for one another. For me, that is the more spiritual path. The one with more grace and caring for our fellow human being. It aligns more with my core values.

The right, from my perspective, is more about “me” and “my money.” It favors the rich and hurts the poor – somewhat opposite of the way most Americans think and live.

If I’ve learned anything over this past year, with my father’s passing, it is true that no man is an island. Even if you think you are and you strive to be, one day, you will need someone else. There comes a day when we all need a shoulder to lean on. It’s inevitable.

From my perspective, the left provides that shoulder. The right creates an archipelago, and we ain’t no archipelago.

Regardless of your political leaning, however, we have to learn to respect and love one another again as human beings. Our government may crumble to the ground one day. We may lose everything we know. We may not be America forever. All that we may have left is one another. I hope that’s not the case, but I say this just to point out that we’re people. We’re not politics or politicians. We’re forgetting that we all have to live together and survive together no matter what comes our way.

And that journey starts within. Only you can decided how you react to another person’s opinion. Only you can decide how you will treat another human being.

That’s my goal, and maybe it’s my purpose. That’s yet to be decided. But if I can help one person take that first step in moving toward a better society and a greater humanity, then I’ve provided a service here.


Look in the Mirror

Look in the mirror, people.
Look in the mirror.
Tell me, what do you see?
One who prefers the paper or the tree?
Does the reflection care for a starving child?
Or animals surviving in the wild?
Does he aid the sick and feed the poor
or keep the money so he can buy more?
Does he want all to find a better life –
one without poverty and without strife?
Does he see the troubles in the world today?
Does he make a difference or turn away?
So many answers only he can give,
and within his soul they will always live.
Look in the mirror, people.
Look in the mirror.
Tell me truly, do you like what you see?

It’s Just a Vote

(Win at all costs)

it’s just a vote
not a man
who can take a stand
fill him with dope
and steal his hope
not a loving wife
clinging to
her precious life
let her die
and i’ll take mine

it’s just a vote
a flip of the switch
take from the poor
give to the rich
sell them lies
no need for alibis
promises in
promises out
fill their heads
full of doubt

it’s just a vote
win at all cost
you have the power
but the country you lost

We Are Not What We Were Yesterday No. 2

{The Global Perspective}

We are not what we were yesterday in the time before the wars. Simpler days have been set aside; our lives reaching beyond the shores. We are part of a greater responsibility; one that cannot close the doors. We are not what we were yesterday, for what is mine is also yours.

We Are Not What We Were Yesterday No. 1

{The Democratic View}

When will this administration learn that we cannot go back to the way we were? It’s nearly (if not completely) impossible to undo everything that has been accomplished over the past 70 years. And even if we could, do we really want to do that? I mean, Bannon touts the 1930s as our golden age. Seriously? The Depression is the best we can do?

Sure, everyone sort of banded together as a country, but that’s only because they had nothing else to hold onto. They were broke, jobless, and homeless in some cases. People were living in shanties on the outskirts of cities.

My dad grew up during The Depression. They ate potatoes and cornbread every night. Not that he minded, it was his favorite dish. But the point is that it wasn’t because it was his favorite dish. They couldn’t afford anything else.

What was happening, though, was the the richer were very rich and the poor were very poor. It was a time of great disparity. In other words, the corporate leaders and savvy businessmen (you know, the ones that were mucking up the swamp as our President once said) were rolling in dough while the poor scraped for food to eat. Sounding familiar to anyone? Is that what we want to return to? I don’t. But our current administration does. Something to think about.


We Are Not What We Were Yesterday No. 1

We are not what we were yesterday
and never shall we return
for the good ol’ days
weren’t good for all
our lessons we have learned

We are not what we were yesterday
for the change has already come
a freer land
with certain rights
makes us greater than our sum

No, we are not what we were yesterday
and now our future is at hand
with dreams of progress
we defeat all fears
and together we will stand

A Confederacy of Wildflowers

A poem in honor of globalism, immigration and foreign aid.

A confederacy of wildflowers
gathered ranks around the gate.
The manicured hedges standing guard;
The roses discussed their fate.

“This is how flowers grow –
You have your spot; I have mine.
Look at them without borders –
no structure or design.
We cannot teach them how to live,
nor support them with our wares.
We will continue in our way
and watch how they will fair.”

But wildflowers are wise,
spreading knowledge to and from.
Something’s always on the horizon;
a change will always come.
Soon the gardener passed;
the only water came from rain.
The roses dropped their heads;
the hedges’ strength began to wane.

Still they kept a watchful eye
on their brethren in the field.
But one wildflower after another,
they stormed the pristine guild.
Eden’s soldiers stood in fear;
their future now in doubt.
But wildflowers don’t seek destruction,
nor to weed others out.

Wildflowers are built for survival
and lend a helping hand.
The soil no longer shifted;
the rainwater sustained the land.
All of the garden prospered;
both the wild ones and the tame.
And although everything was different,
the garden’s beauty remained the same.